Podcasts and blogs have been around for awhile. However, podcasts have grown in huge numbers in the recent couple of years and there are many reasons for the big growth.  Here are reasons why podcasting is for you.


1. It builds trust faster


Unlike blogs which can seem impersonal at times, podcasts create a feeling of intimacy. That’s because people are actually listening to a real person, not a robot! We all crave intimacy and listening to podcasts help people feel like they know you.


2. It allows your audience to multitask


People listen to podcasts while driving or commuting to work, while they’re doing laundry, or while they’re working out at the gym. Anywhere really. And they don’t even need to be connected to the Internet. They can simply download your episodes in advance, and then listen to it whenever they like!


3. People can gauge your personality


Your personality easily shows on your podcast. If you’re trying to force cheerfulness into your voice, it’s going to be heard. If you haven’t built rapport with your podcast guests or even your co-hosts, people are going to know about it. This is why it’s best to act as naturally as possible, so your personality shines through. This way people know you’re a genuine act.


4. You can easily repurpose your podcast content


You can use a voice typing tool to transcribe your episodes or you can hire a transcriptionist to do the job for you. You can hire graphic designers to turn your content into graphics. You can even create a YouTube channel for your podcast recordings.


5. It’s easier to consume


People can listen to you whenever and wherever they like. They don’t need to stare at a computer or mobile phone screen. They can simply go about their day, and they’d be learning lots of new things from you!


6. It’s relatively easier to create and market


Podcasts still need to be organized and planned in advance. However, these are relatively easier to create and edit than blogging. A 5,000-word long-form blog post may take you a few hours, but a podcast episode talking about the same subject can possibly take you half the time to complete!


7. You can grow your network faster


It’s easier to get people to guest on your show. They don’t need to write any lengthy articles, they can simply answer your questions. Likewise, you don’t need to write guest posts for blogs (though you can do this too). You can simply volunteer as a guest on popular podcasts in your niche!


Podcasting is not hard to get started. You just need a microphone, software (which can be free) and a camera like your phone or to be technical a fancy camera (which is completely optional). It is another way of connecting with your clients and opens the door for new ones!

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