You have spent lots of time on your podcast topics, feeling out who your audience is going to be, and you press launch. The next day you see only a handful of people listened in. Here is how you can grab more attention and have a higher engagement:


1. Repurpose your podcast content


Podcasts may be in audio format, but the ball doesn’t have to stop there. Turn your podcast content into blog posts, infographics, videos, social media graphics, and so much more!


2. Video yourself while recording your podcast


Let your followers see you live in action. They’ll appreciate the sneak peek. Best of all, you can reach new audiences on YouTube and wherever else you upload your video.


3. Let your blog subscribers know about your podcast


Don’t keep your blog subscribers in the dark. Rather, let them know you’ve got a new episode out and invite them to listen to it when they have time!


4. Post an update on your social media profiles


Everyone’s on social media nowadays. Show people your social side and encourage them to listen to your podcast.


5. Interview experts in your niche


People love being recognized as experts. So, reach out to them and ask if they’d be willing to be interviewed. They’d be more than happy to promote your show to their followers, too!


6. Guest on more popular podcasts


If you position yourself as an ‘expert’ in your niche, you’ll have people reaching out to you to interview you. Don’t turn them down. Take the opportunity to prove your expertise and get people curious enough to follow your own show!


7. Advertise on social media


Organic social media traffic is possible, but it usually takes time. If you want to get the ball rolling, consider paying for ads. Facebook and Instagram are relatively cheap and you can easily target the right audience!


8. Create show notes or transcripts of each episode


Upload the show notes or transcripts to your blog, and make sure you optimize it for search engines. You just may see an avalanche of search engine traffic soon!

With these secrets you can dive deep into your podcast with high engagement and eventually turn your listeners into customers.

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