What if you could automate your salon to automatically run your salon?

Imagine if one AFFORDABLE TOOL could, book customers, collect payments, book follow up appointments, get customer referrals and event text message coupons and reminders?

If you own a salon, you know how much time is wasted on the phone answering questions instead of doing what you love which is making `your customer feel beautiful.

If you had a this affordable booking system a customer can book with your salon, and pay you before she ever arrives?

. . and you could pre-sell additional items and automate regular appointments

. . . and this salon booking software costs less than $1 per day for up to 5 staff members!

Benefits of an Online Automated
Salon Booking System

  • Your customers pay before they even walk into your salon
  • Increase repeat customers coming in from a one time deal to weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly visits!
  • Adds additional services to encourage your customers
  • Receives customer info to send them loyalty rewards and coupons
  • Reminds customers by receiving SMS texts for scheduled appointments
  • Helps customers determine the staff member they prefer
  • Connects calendar to your Google, IOS, or Outlook calendar

Matthew ZamuttJust so you know you are dealing with real people, let me introduce myself.  I’m Matthew and I’m passionate about helping businesses grow.  When I found this salon booking system, I had to reach out to help some of my friends at salons.

Actually, I just got married in May of 2020. . .yes during the shut down!  It was online as a virtual wedding ceremony. . so weird!

Anyway, I married a licensed esthetician…her name is Joy…and she helped me see firsthand what salons are missing.

One night around midnight she realized she had a broken nail.  She wanted to book an appointment online, but the salons she knew about did not have online booking.  I thought to myself, “These salons just missed an opportunity because I know how often Joy goes to get her nails done.”

Anyway, I’d love to help you and your salon automate your salon bookings so you don’t miss any customers looking for a fabulous salon like yours.  That is why I am proud to present the Automate your salon booking system!

You may be asking, “How much is this fabulous tool?”

Well it’s totally affordable. 

We’ve seen tools like this without all the features cost $199 per month, per staff user.  But with our amazing offer you can have up to 5 staff members and all the features listed on this page for only $199 per YEAR.

You heard me right, for less than $25 per month, you can implement this amazing tool this week!

Plus, you’ll lock in this affordable pricing for a lifetime.

Yes, you may pay monthly if you choose at $25 per month, but if you decide to move ahead with our yearly plan, we will even have one of our trained staff help you set up the tool for your salon for free. That’s a $250 value you get just for getting started today!!

If you’d like to set up a individual demo, so you can ask your questions and see the tool live, we would love to talk with you simply go to automatemysalon.com and schedule a demo call.

If you see the power of this fabulous tool to automate and help grow your salon and you are ready to get started click here and BUY NOW. 

Some of our salons ask what is included in the set up. First, we make sure to include your branding which includes your logo and your staff photos. Then, we add your schedule and all the items you sell (up to 50 add ons). Then, we will add your staff members schedule and any special scheduling you have for your shop.

After we have you all set up, you’ll have video training so you can change out staff members, adjust your scheduling, add more products, etc. with easy to use instructions.

Don’t wait. You could be losing money right and not even know it. Putting an automated system in place help you to book more appointments and get more repeat customers.

Just go to automatemysalon.com and select a demo or get started.

You have nothing to lose with our 30 day money back guarantee and you owe it to yourself to at least take a peak at the system and talk to one of our team.

30 Day No Questions Money Back Guarantee

We want you to make your purchase today with the utmost confidence.

We are confident you will love our Booking Calendar so we are pleased to offer you a full 30 DAYS “No Questions Asked” Money Back Guarantee.

If you are not happy with your purchase for ANY REASON simply Contact Us via support for a full and prompt refund.


Will a booking system actually help me market my business?

I love this question. Yes, allowing our modern consumers the option to book and pay online creates an automated way for you to focus on your business. Instead of having to book each person individually, they can all book online, automatically creating an email list and text messaging list that you can follow up with.

How many SMS messages can I send to my customers?

We have partnered with Twilio. We will provide 100-500 sms text messages per month, but if you need more, you can purchase 1,000 SMS messages for $7.50. Twilio charges us that price and we just pass along the savings.

Is the booking calendar easy to use?

If you can use Facebook, you can use our salon booking software. We can set up a very simple version, or if you want somethine more robust, we can help you get started that direction. It is pretty easy overall and you will be provided training videos and training guides to help you along your way. If you need specialized training, let us know and we can see if we can work something out. . . maybe one of our staff needs your services ;>)

What if I have a technical issue?

There is a support button right inside of the salon booking system app.

What if I only have 1 or 2 workers in my salon?

That’s great! You have room to grow when your new booking calendar starts to work for you.

What if I don’t have 50 things I offer or if I have more than 50 things?

We will help you put the first 50 add on items. You may have 10 items, but you want them associated with 5 different offerings. That is 50 items. If you have more than 50, we can show you how to put in as many as you wish, or you can pay one of our pros to install more products for you.

What if the power goes out, what happens to my calendar?

Your calendar is hosted online. If the power goes out, all of your bookings can continue. You can even log in on your phone to finish out any bookings that happen if the electricity goes out.

Can all my staff see each other’s schedule?

It depends on what you would like to set up. You may have admin staff who can see all schedules, or individuals who can only see their bookings. All of your staff can use the front side of the calendar to book for all of your staff members and assistants can use the online calendar without having to sign in.

Will people actually pay before coming in my salon?

You can incentivize your customers by providing a pay at booking discount. Some will choose the convenience of booking online and not having to carry cards or money, others will always want to pay at the location. The salon booking system we offer allows the customer to select at location or pay online.

How do I get repeat customers?

You can offer discounts for customers who book weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. And, when they are at the appointment, you can easily pull up your calendar and book their next appointment right on the spot.

Can I offer coupons and discounts?

Yes, you can create a one time use coupon or one that expires to create urgency. You can use these coupons on social media, in ads, or on posters. We even have a staff if you need help with designing your coupons for a nomital fee.

Can I get referral customers?

Yes, yes, yes! This is the power of this salon booking system. You can offer referral codes for all of your customers. They can use those codes to refer friends and create discounts for themselves. You set the amounts and the limits and communicate right from inside your calendar.

Can you help me with my website and flyers?

I’m so glad you asked. We have a staff to help you maximize your impact. We can help with almost any level of marketing from social media, websites, videos, coupons, etc. Just get in touch with us and let’s see how we can help you grow your salon.

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