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Join a property tour or one of our workshops.  By connecting with us and scheduling a call, you’ll get access to our community so you can get to know us and we can get to know you. 

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Once you join our powerful community, you’ll be equipped with access to real estate investing education that is life changing for many of our members.  Start where you are and build the life you’ve always dreamed.

Meet some of Our Community

Lyle Leads

REal Estate INvestor/Marketer

Lyle Leads

“After getting started with the education and marketing system, my wife and I were able to save 50k on the house we live in just by using some of the strategies we learned.  We now own a few properties that are paying us monthly.”

Matthew Zamutt

Driver/Real Estate Investor

Matthew Zamutt

“This first year I was part of this group I was able to get into a deal with no money in the deal.  I also found ways to save on taxes that I never knew of and saved about $3k on my taxes in one year. I’m looking forward to building a portfolio to help  me and my family for the future.”

tirzah huddlestun

VP of Accounting/Real Estate Investor

Tirzah Huddlestun

“As an accountant, I saw how powerful the compensation plan was.  Not only was I able to get into some real estate deals, but within a few years I had my education totally paid off without changing my personal budget.  It was a no-brainer for me.”

Join the Tribe to Get Access to the latest real estate investing tips, strategies and Concepts.

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