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Meet Tirzah the Accountant

Meet Tirzah, VP of Accounting at a Credit Union nearing a billion dollars in assets. She tried the ‘guru’ path for real estate investing, but found the power of implementation and the value of a solid group of active investors.

Meet Matthew the Millennial

Matthew was in his 20’s when he got started in real estate investing and had a deal with no money in his first year. He attributes all of his real estate success to fact that he found the right education and the right community.

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Get in the Game

Real estate investing is something best learned by doing.  You can’t watch it happen, you have to experience it.  That is why we offer live events, workshop and property tours so you can meet people who are actually involved in real estate investing, not just talking about it.

The difference is we don’t just find deal, we make deals.  We understand there are lots of strategies and if you have options, almost every opportunity can become a closed deal.

It’s not only about how much you make on a deal, but it’s how much you keep.  That is why financial  and tax strategies are part of our system, not to mention an entire section focused on business building.


Look No Further

There are a ton of so called gurus out there.  Many of them rely on the upsell model.  They are always looking for a new way to get money out of your pocket.  With us, what you see is what you get.  We want to share strategies and tips that are working right now.

Our instructors and team leaders are doing real estate, right now.  Even our professional trainer who we use for our education and workshops have to be practitioner instructors, well vetted and making money in the process they are teaching.  

That is just part of what sets us apart.  Fill out the form at the top of this page and you’ll hear about our epic solution to real estate investing.




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