Scale Up Profits LIVE Workshop

In This Live WORKSHOP You Will

Be Empowered to To Increase Profits

  • Unlock the secrets of communication to form deeper connections in business, in family and in life.
  • Understand how to market using a simple to learn framework.
  • Discover how to create simple affiliate relationships to increase profits.
  • Learn to become a communication powerhouse where you can potentially increase your sales by four hundred percent!
  • Bonus #1: Hot Seat Sessions. ( Have your web site or social media expertly assessed with specific instructions on how to fix it.



THIS EVENT REGISTRATION IS CLOSED.  Please stay tuned for the next event.  Specific date to be determined. 

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  • Bonus #2: 23 Business Book Summaries with easy to apply lessons.
  • Bonus #3: BRAINSCAN Business Growth Evaluation Checklist.

Shirlett attended in April 2023 in Austin, TX, she said, “Lyle, I’m mad at you. If I’d found you earlier I’d have saved thousands already on my marketing. I’m glad I attended the training you provided.


BONUS #2: 23 TOP BUSINESS BOOK SUMMARIES, each with practical steps you can implement in your business!

Only $25 – Breakfast and Lunch is INCLUDED – What a deal!


Scale Up Profits Afternoon: Learn to Promote Online Easily and Naturally


Our morning training will bring you up to speed on the current techniques of how to communicate better. Then, after lunch learn the power of online marketing.

Not only will you walk out with a powerful sales pitch for your business, but select businesses will get on the ‘hot seat’ as our marketing strategist leads a group activity to help you fine tune your message for better engagement and deeper connections with your ideal audience.


Learn how to create an online masterpiece for your business

Not only will you learn how to communicate in a more powerful way, you’ll also learn what to do with that information. Our trainers will share how to create a powerful online presence, how to scale your business with automation and how to create better relationships with your customers.

Plus, we will share about the current Artificial Intelligence of ChatGPT and GoogleBard in our ‘hands-on’ business training session.

Meet Our Expert Marketing Trainer

Lyle “Leads”

Motto: “Creativity and strategy together leads to results.”

Lyle knows how to connect the dots to bring the complicated world of digital marketing into easy to grasp concepts.  He believes in the power of collaboration and makes his training interactives and fun. He has an award winning marketing company being awarded top marketer in two separate years for Dallas, Tx and Addison, Tx where his office was located at the time.  Now, he spends his time as a business coach, educating others and elevating the world of online marketing.

Limited Live Feed Available

For those not near Dallas, who want to participate we will have an online only version.  Note: only live participants will be allowed to participate in hot seats, win door prizes and participate in group activities. If you’d like to attend online, we have limited access available, but you must EMAIL us directly after your purchase Thanks.

This is a collaborative effort from the following:


If you are ready to grow in business…WE CAN HELP YOU!

Not only will you experience top notch training, but you’ll also witness the power of community. We believe in abundance because there is enough for all of us to be successful together.

Our group is part of a nationwide collaboration of business owners and real estate investors. You’ll learn how you can become part of this power group and add another stream of income into your business if you you’d like to scale up PROFITS. Either way, you’ll walk away seeing the world of success in a new light.  You deserve to attend.

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