Season 1, Episode 11

How New Millenials Are Aspiring For Greatness

Join Matthew Zamutt and Lyle Leads as they discuss the many ways Matthew is aspiring entrepreneurs and what each and every business owner is capable of.

Hello, today, we’re on Optimize Profitability Podcast’s, we’re with Matthew Zammit.

He actually hosted for us last week when we did our top ten wouldn’t be our top ten be our first 10 episodes. So I asked Matthew to come in and share his story and everything. So Matthew, as known as the Aspire producer and aspiring producer excuse me, REI for and he’s got his own business.

He does real estate investing. He does marketing, he does all kinds of things. And so he’s going to talk about what it took him to, to go from a different kind of mindset, to go into being an entrepreneur. So, Matthew, take it away, buddy. First of all, thank you so much for having me on this podcast. I’ve really enjoyed working on each episode. So as far as my story goes, I would say it started right after I got out of high school.

It’s kind of stuck in a situation where I couldn’t afford college, but I knew I wanted to do something in the medical field because that’s what my family did. That’s all I really knew. And so one of my friends just reached out to me, said, hey, there’s a business opportunity, go check it out. And maybe something that’s different from college in my life. So I jumped in to a meeting, kind of saw what entrepreneurship is.

It happened to be life insurance. I drove right out of that because that wasn’t just like I couldn’t sell life insurance at 18 years old. But when I met you, you were doing marketing. And I really liked fixing things. That was just something I really enjoyed. I like building computers. My computer’s been here since twenty twelve. It’s crazy. I just love fixing things and making the last a long time. And so when we discovered real estate together, marketing and how they work together, I really enjoy entrepreneurship.

And in that aspect of I could fix these houses and fix these neighborhoods and fix these individuals businesses so they can get more clients. So I really I really like that aspect of entrepreneurship and that’s really why I’ve dived in.

So tell us about the the emotional journey that you went through through all that, because you didn’t just pick up and go from life insurance to being a successful person.

There’s a whole process that you went through that’s that entrepreneurial journey. So people are listening. What’s the process you went through?

OK, yes, I made it really simple, but ultimately I went through a lot of depression growing up, you know, my dad passed away at a young age and I was left to my single mom, but she really didn’t know how to help me. I was our only son. She never had a son before. She not experienced that. So it’s kind of like up to me to figure out how to get over my depression. And so when I go into life insurance, I was really nervous.

I was like, man, if I tell somebody about insurance, I’m going to be instantly rejected. I don’t know what to do. And I would always every time I was trying to I a call a friend or cold call somebody, I get really scared and I would just never end up calling them. And so I had to get over this fixed mindset of being fearful to have an idea of confidence, because ultimately you have somebody told me this in a song or whatever.

There’s two things you can focus on fear and love and so like in this context to confidence. And so you can either choose to be fearful and never know what’s going to happen on the other end or just jump right into it. And so I did develop that mindset over time, especially working with you. You’ve helped instill that confidence in me. And I really appreciate it, but definitely, definitely had to go from that fixed mindset to that growth mindset.

So explain what that means, because somebody’s listening and they keep hearing you say stuff like fixed mindset. What does that mean? Fix my growth mindset.

Let’s throw a fixed mindset is somebody who just stays where they are. They it’s like an employee. So they have a certain amount of time. They got to get done each day. They work a normal nine to five. And so they have certain tasks. They got to get done. They got they got a mindset of like I see to make money and that’s it. And so they only focus on money and time. And there’s four different types of I don’t know what they call it, but it’s there’s knowledge, relationships, time and money.

And so those are your four occurrences of life. And so in a growth mindset, you realize you can leverage your time for more money, you can leverage your knowledge for you, can leverage your relationships for more knowledge and vice versa. And so I had to develop all those because growing up, I thought I would work them out this sort of time and make the set of money, go home, play video games, whatever I was doing. And so now with the growth mindset, I’m always growing.

I’m always looking to increase my currency currencies in all four levels. And that’s what a growth mindset really is, is somebody who’s always constantly looking to improve themselves and move forward. That is the fixed in growth mindset. And what are you doing right now? It’s helping you succeed in business. Well, right now, a lot of when I got started around this market to see a couple of years back, I didn’t realize that coaching was really important.

I thought, oh, I could just do this myself. And and with all the knowledge that I’ve had in schooling with Microsoft, I thought maybe I’d just use my social media skills and that’s it, just reach out to people. But I slowly realized I needed somebody to ask for help when I need something because I thought I was a know it all. I’m a millennial, so it’s coming within us to be a know it all. And so I was definitely helping me is being held accountable by these coaches that are helping me grow my marketing agency and just asking questions and reaching out to them when I have a problem, because if I try and fix it myself, it never gets done.

And what my brain does is if I have a problem, it shuts down. And I’m trying to learn not to do that. And if I have a problem, instantly ask somebody about it that can give you an answer. And so I’ve been talking with coaches every single day, Monday through Friday, and that’s definitely helped me. Another thing that’s also helped me is also just writing down like how much I make every week. I know you’ve helped me with that, but seeing how much you make and what you’re doing every day can help you also improve your business and how much money you make regardless.

Whatever you’re doing a job, being self-employed or being a business owner investor. And it’s really opened my eyes to my own self so I can better and improve when I’m doing. And so there’s a lot of things I’m doing. But coaching ultimately has been a big help for me the last couple of weeks. It’s definitely what I’ve been doing.

So the key is tracking it, right? You don’t if you don’t know, rolling or not. No, no, no.

You got to you definitely got to track what you’re doing, because if you if you stay where you are, you’re always going to if you don’t change what you’re doing currently, then you’re always going to stay where you are. And I realize that for a couple of years my business was up like a roller coaster. You know, I’d make money in real estate and then I wouldn’t make money. I make money in marketing and I have really high money go down.

And so ultimately, I just wanted to stop that roller coaster and make it as smooth as possible. So it was a very, very small roller coaster up and down months. And so I’m realizing tracking things your KPIs are key performance indicators are really, really, really key to your business.

Let’s unpack a little bit. You said that sometimes when you get you get problems happen, you just kind of freeze. What does that mean? What do you do to go over that? So maybe somebody else is dealing with depression? Yeah, we’re dealing with anxiety and something comes up in their lives and they just freeze and SOP they’re not sure what to do with it. What do you do in the situations and what are some tips you can give someone that may feel overwhelmed?

OK, so let’s did things with that. So when you’re just anxious so there was no depression involved, you know, you start just everything’s just thrown out the window. Everything’s going crazy. You know, wherever you are, everything’s just insane. You know, you could be sitting right here silent and in your mind is just like having a warfare inside your head. And so what I do is if I’m getting really anxious and really pent up, I stop what I’m doing.

I sometimes if I’m out on this balcony, I’ll just listen to some music. My, my, my music’s metal. So I go really hard. Like, I’ve got to listen to something really heavy for a good five minutes just to clear my brain. And then my next thing I do is I write down everything that’s in my head. I write it down on a notepad or I it on my phone. Whatever I’ve got ready most of the time, I don’t have a notepad laying out here.

It’s probably a good idea. So I just pull my phone and start writing notes and I get everything out of my head. And then once I’ve assessed what I’ve done on my head, then I go ahead and find the solution to each problem that I’m having. Because ultimately, if you keep it in your head, you know, anxiety has a tendency to make you just freak out and cause absolute chaos and destruction around you and nothing ever gets accomplished.

You just worsen your day. And ultimately the anxiety just continues and continues and continues. And that’s why my brain, you know, when I freak out over the simplest things, all I need to do is write it down and get it on my head, listen to some music, show myself out and then jump into the task. And I need to get done first and then find solutions to the rest of them. Now, as far as depression, that can be a little harder because my mind is definitely not cycle.

Mine’s not like a clinical depression. So you might have medicine for that. But for my situation, mine’s just very psychological. I couldn’t figure out my depression and figure out what the sign is coming from and then cut that off and then continue my life with happiness. But what I do with depression is is almost the same. But I listen to a little bit more peaceful music because a tendency for people that love music and that’s like they’re they usually listen to really sad and depressed music and that just continues that path.

Being said, not getting anything done, you know, you turn on Netflix, all right, screw it, I’m going to do it tomorrow. You know, nothing ever gets accomplished. But you got to you got to shut everything off. You got to shut your devices off. Sometimes I pray I don’t know your belief system. I know you Lyle, but the individualising may not have the same belief. And so I just kind of science myself.

Either talk to God or I talk to myself and then I listen to really peaceful music. Sometimes I turn on video game music because it’s always peaceful. It’s really weird. And then I just sit there for ten minutes right out myself, sometimes takes 30 minutes and then forgot what I need to do. And ultimately the more effort I put into my business, it actually fixes my depression. I become happy again. And so that’s how I fix depression.

So that’s that’s you’ve got to think of it this way. Anxiety is a quick fix. Depression is a long term fix. So that’s what I do to fix all those issues.

OK, and you’re you’re noted as the a sparring partner. What does that mean? And how could somebody join you in understanding more about that?

So a sparring partner to me is somebody that always so like the three words I used to use when I started the name was a spiral inspired her fire. And that was just ultimately like encouraging other entrepreneurs to help other people, because a lot of entrepreneurs I see just in general, either they are so offish, they don’t want to talk to you or they want they need help. And so I want to be the guy that’s there as a helping hand as an entrepreneur and help guide them.

You know, a lot of people come to me and they’re like, I’ve never done real estate before. I can give them that path by being aspiring to them, by showing them. And so I created a spine for her as a community to help entrepreneurs that are struggling right now. Maybe just because it’s twenty twenty and things are crazy right now, maybe the election is freaking them out. All the politics on Facebook can be really overwhelming. Some people are just saying on their Facebook and they’re given up on social media forever.

But a lot of people rely on social media for their business. And so I created a Facebook community group on well, yeah, on Facebook. And so I’m I’m posting things on a regular basis. I haven’t in a while, but I need to jump right back into it. But the whole point is to build a community with other entrepreneurs locally here in Dallas that are millennials and help encourage each other and really grow each other and be the person that they can come to.

If they need help with real estate, then come to me. If they need help with marketing, they can come to me. If I need help with insurance, come to them. Whatever it is, it’s a growing it’s a constantly growing community. You can go to Spain for or you can go to Facebook Aspiring premiers will drop the link in the video below or in the transcription later for you guys to see in our blog post.

But we also have an Instagram aspiring Fernhurst. You step it up, it’s right there. And so that’s how you can reach out to us. And you can you can message me personally or Lyle personally. But overall, it’s also you’re not alone because entrepreneurship can be lonely. When I got to start entrepreneurship, I was working a job and it was it got quite lonely driving around, working and never being able to have somebody, like, right next to you, talking to you.

And so I started listening to podcasts. And so this is a great podcast. Listen to for that, because we’re all entrepreneurs. We’re all here to help you and you’re definitely not alone. And so that’s why another reason why we created this podcast.

So and what’s one tip you give somebody that help the help them to win right now? There’s a lot of those tips, but the best that I can give to you is with marketing, because marketing is really key in every business with my real estate business, with my marketing agency business, obviously, and any business, I see a lot of people, they stick to the words of mouth and they don’t really put their name out there. But sometimes it’s just as easy as creating a page and just putting your face on there and just start making posts and commenting and reaching out to people on Facebook.

Because if you aren’t doing anything small on a daily basis, your business won’t grow as fast as you want to. It only grow as fast as you put in the effort. And so marketing is really simple. We can definitely help you. But marketing in general, just like reach out to your friends, reach out to people that you think might be be helpful with your business. Like if you for me, I’m in real estate, so I reach out to agents and I also reach out to wholesalers.

Those individuals, they might have some good deals that are off MLS. And so it’s the simplest thing I can do is just message them and say, hey, what deals do you have? I mean, Lyle and I, we went to Wichita Falls. You found an eight deal, eight package deal, just talking to people and using his marketing skills. And so. Marketing is really simple, and that’s definitely a really key tip. And also, just like a cyno also like we were just talking about earlier, is you’re not alone, please, if you’re feeling sad and you’re in business and just feel like it’s going nowhere, just reach out to us.

It’s a simple message on Facebook. Text us, call us. Whatever it is, we are there for you. And that’s why we created OP podcast. That’s why I created aspiring Panurge. That’s why I’m an entrepreneur, because we’re all in this together. And so that’s the quite, quite a few tips, those three tips. So I.

Right. Thanks for being on the Optimize Profitability podcast. You can find him on aspiring sparring dot com or Facebook or Instagram.

Aspiringpreneur. Thanks again. All right. Thanks, man. I appreciate it.

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