The Motivational Vault

In The Motivational Vault, “you’ll walk out feeling like you are walking three feet off the ground.” said Steve Hendry the first time he heard our speaker share a message of motivation.

Our Speaker is a SPARK of Joy

Frank Harrison, former CEO of Coca-Cola had this to say about our speaker, “[His] message has particular relevance to today’s business culture. His personal style of communication and unique story-telling ability will be a blessing and encouragement.”

The Motivational Vault could spring board you to the next level of your daily greatness. “He certainly has a spark to brighten and uplift any dark day” said one previous attendee.

Imagine being able to pull out of your pocket a dose of inspiration whenever you wanted. Imagine being able to hear more motivation in one hour than most people hear all week.

Our Speaker is Known and Unknown

Our speaker has chosen to remain nameless. We do this for a many reasons. First, we don’t want to make others jealous. If you were to hire this speaker, his keynote fee is upwards of ten thousand and many people have said it was worth it.

Gerald Brence, Athletic Director of Plano Independent School District, “He did an extraordinary job. His infectious enthusiasm, wit and timed stories were terrific.”

Jim Cleamons, former head coach of Dallas Mavericks said, “His focus on attitude, integrity and making the best decisions for everyday life are valuable lessons each of us can apply. Two words that describe him are enthusiastic and energetic. His commitment to people and life is a quality we can all learn from. He certainly has a spark to brighten and uplift any dark day.”

Thousands Have Been Impacted

Jim Gillenwater of Dallas Dodge said, “In just one hour, attendees gained a fresh perspective on overcoming and seizing each day.”

Mrs Carlene Lenos, program coordinator of Region 10 Education service said, “From my experience, I believe that [our speaker] clearly ranks among the top one percent of presenters in the country.”

And T. Charles Pierson, Big Brother’s President said, “You made such a profound impact on me and my team through your positive and motivational messages.”

As you can see, our speaker has literally touched thousands of hearts and he wants the opportunity to touch yours as well.

He has been a motivational speaker for decades and has a message that is as relevant today as ever…maybe even more.


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