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Real Estate Investing Terms: Off Market

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What you need to know about OFF MARKET

Today’s real estate investing word is off-market property.

What is an off-market property or sometimes just referred to as an off market?

An off-market property is a property that’s not listed on the MLS, which is the multiple listing services. It’s something that’s not on Zillow.  That means, no one knows about it yet.

Usually, it is a deal that you have created or one that you have found because of your network of connections in the real estate market.  

You’ve talked to somebody and made connections so well that sometimes, your real estate agent will have a ‘pocket listing.’  These are listings which are not on the market yet, but your agent knows about them and can offer them to their buyers list ahead of time.  They haven’t put on the MLS…the ‘market’….so they are ‘off market.’

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