Thank you for wanting to be a guest on our podcast.


Procedure for New Podcast Guests:


  1. Set up an appointment to go over the topics you will discuss or if we have invited you simply schedule your time for your recording. (schedule here)
  2. Once we have a plan of action for your podcast, we will set up a time to record the podcast via Zoom.
  3. At the time of recording, make sure you have a solid connection in a quiet location if you are using Zoom as the recording platform.  The podcast will be in video format, so we ask that you dress semi professionally for the podcast: no T-shirts or strapless tops.  The audio will be pulled to make an audio version for ITunes and other online streaming sites.
  4. We will edit and schedule a time to release your podcast along with social promotions for you and your social media team.
  5. We ask that you promote the podcast to your audience with provided social posts and suggested schedule and we will do the same to make sure you get as much exposure as possible.
  6. Your podcast will be entered into a social rotation to be exposed more than just the initial broadcasting time.  If you have any special requests, please let us know by sending an email to info [at]

Our podcast is two step funnel for you and your business.

Step 1 – Main Podcast: Tell Your Entrepreneurial Story (20 minute audio and video)

  • 5-10 minutes tell us how you got into entrepreneurship and share what you had to overcome to become the successful entrepreneur you are.
  • 5-10 Tell us one thing you are doing right now where you feel you are winning in life or business.
  • 5 Minute tell us one thing an entrepreneur can do this week to help them optimize their life or business.

Step 2 – Bonus Training: Add Value 1-2 sessions 20-60 minutes total

  • Add extreme value.  You want to teach something to our guest who have taken the step to listen to the podcast. It should be something you related in your story.  We have had people share about how to develop a business plan, how to evaluate the correct business entity and even a simple discussion on tips for entrepreneurs who are married.  We want to add some sort of value to get them to come to the page for more information from you.
  • Connect with your new audience: On this page will be a short bio (around 100-200 words) and all the contact info you want: phone, social, website, etc.  They will see your face multiple times on social media and now they will have a chance to connect with you in whichever fashion best suits you and your business.  You can even put an email form on our page to help them connect with you.
  • Toot Your Own Horn: You will have a session where you can ‘sell’ what you do.  Of course, we want this to be something valuable to our audience, but we want to highlight what you do in a fun entertaining way.  Lyle will ask questions and help ‘qualify’ your audience to contact you.  Our goal is to help you connect to your ideal customer that may run across our podcast being distributed to over 30 different online locations.


Optimize Profitability
Podcast Details

  • Name: The OP Podcast = Optimize Profitability: The Optimize Profitability Podcast with DFW Top Business.
  • Goal: Show practical steps, stories and case studies to highlight actions business owners can do to take their business one step closer to success.
  • Mission: Our podcast is a life pitch rather than a sales pitch.  It is meant to share life, the ups and downs and tips and tricks about being a successful entrepreneur.
  • Format: Video and Audio; Conversational interview style
  • Length: Ideally 20 minutes main recording – longer ‘mini’ series bonus materials
  • Topics we cover:
    • Marketing tips and ideas
    • Mindset and productivity hacks
    • Entrepreneurial marriage and family tips
  • Typical Questions:
    • We know that everyone comes from different places, what tough situations or mindsets did you need to overcome to become successful in business?
    • Our podcast is designed for winners, what way(s) have you been a winner this year?
    • What is one thing you did this year to optimize profitability in your business?
    • In your opinion, what is one thing someone who is listening can do this week to improve their life as an entrepreneur?
    • How can someone get in touch with you if they would like to connect?
  • What makes us different?
    • Pre and Post Promotions: Not only will we will be sharing social media blasts for you to use before the podcast, we will also be revisiting your podcast approximately every three months on a regular basis and sharing from our listeners what they thought about your podcast.
    • ‘Live’ Streamed Recorded Videos: The main podcast will be recorded via video.  We will be ‘live streaming’ your recorded video to over 10 livestream sites.  This spreads your word even larger than just audio podcasts since live streamed videos get special attention in the social world.
    • Two-Step Funnel: Our podcast is about sharing our lives as entreprenuers.  We spend 20 minutes to get to know you and your story, then, we ask our followers to go to our page…which they trust. . .with featured content from you: win-win.
    • Qualified Responders: Once people have heard your story and they take a step to visit your bonus content, they are significantly more likely to visit your page or get in contact with you.  We will even have clickable links, click to call buttons or a even a sign up form of yours directly on that page.  We want to help you qualify people who contact you by encouraging this next step self-qualification process.
    • Reason: Rarely do people go to a website after hearing one podcast. Our goal is expose them to the increasing value you have to offer.   This is the first step in getting them to buy in to what you are offering…it is your place to shine…and sell yourself.  We will record a second session video with more info, downloads or additional relevant content.


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