Done For You Social Media Content Calendar

For your business

Introducing the Social Media Sidekick

30 Days done for your social media content calendar buddy.  Each month includes holidays, hashtags, post suggestions, images and even current trending topics.

Plus, you get social media coaching, tools, tips and 5 ebooks to help you get the most out of social media for your business.

It’s like having a social media coach for your business for only $10 a month!  Sign up below

This is our BETA test.  We are releasing some dynamic content and you are one of the chosen few who get to experience an amazing social media content calendar for HALF PRICE!

We will be charging at least $20 a month for this service, but for a LIMITED TIME you can receive a complete done for you social media calendar for only $10 a month!

Where else can you get a complete done for you social media calendar for $10?

Each content calendar includes:

  • Post Suggestions
  • Hashtags for each day
  • Monthly Themes
  • Weekly Focused Themes
  • Images
  • Video coaching

Rest assured knowing that each month you will receive an easily editable social media calendar.  You can choose to use the free Google Sheets version or download it to use Excel on your computer..heck you can even go ‘old school’ and print it out!  The choice is yours.

Sign up on the form above. 

This offer can be removed at any time and the price will return to its normal price.  For a limited time you will also receive 5 ebooks covering Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and LinkedIN.

Why do I need a scheduled calendar?

Social media is all about engagement.  The more you can get people to interact with your posts, the better your social media will be shown to your clients.

Our calendar gives you post suggestions each day of the week.  Once you get used to using a calendar, it should only take about 10 minutes each week to set up your social media.

Does posting on social media really work anymore?

Though Facebook and other social media has a paid services, there is still opportunity to get the attention of your customers who have liked your page with a bit of strategy.  The social media sidekick gives you all you need to vary what you post and create sharable content your customers will want to respond.

Quick Case Study: Just using a single week social media calendar, one or our customers doubled her reach and tripled how many people watched her podcast. . .all without any paid ads!

Who are we?

We are DFWTop, the premiere service for resources and courses to grow your business.  We offer training in topics from mindset to social media, from time management to email marketing.

We have been developing websites and running social media for over 9 years.  We know what works and how to get attention.  If you want to know more about us, visit our main page at DFWTop.