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DFWTop strives to provide the best resources for Dallas business owners.  These are the best speakers we have found in the DFW area.  Each speaker has been reviewed by our staff and have been deemed of a high enough quality to be included on our page.   We do not personally endorse any speaker since each of our speakers are business owners and run their own business.  Please note, these speakers did not pay us to post their general information on this page and not all speakers who apply to this page will be included.

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Leigh Barnes

Business Systems, Sales, Motivation

Keynote Titles:

  • A.I. is taking over the world, are you ready for massive changes in business?
  • Business Systems can drive you crazy or grow your business, you decide.
  • Understand the power of giving.  When you add value to others, you will get noticed.

Steven Gates

Vision, Resilience, Team Building

Keynote Titles:

  • Mindsets that feed and foster success
  • How to succeed after failure
  • Thriving beyond criticism

Alla Bardov

Sales, Elevator Pitch, Follow Up

Keynote Titles:

  • Ignite Results: How to use the four P’s systems in your sale process.
  • Beyond Elevator Pitches: How to introduce yourself in style and get attention.
  • The Power of the Follow Up: How to use follow up to get results.

Michael Ray Newman

Leadership, Sales, Motivational

Keynote Titles:

  • The E.D.G.E. Process
  • DISC Method
  • THINK Process

Jenna Zebrowski

Real Estate, Business Law, Legal Protection

Keynote Titles:

  • Contracts for Contractors
  • Seven Sins of Small Business
  • Social Media and Legal Liability

Rich Cavaness

Success, Gratitude, Book Writing

Keynote Titles:

  • Gratitude: The Key to Success
  • How to Write Your First Book
  • Napoleon Hill’s 17 Principles of Success

Suzanne Johns

Real Estate Investing, CRE, Investment Education

Keynote Titles:

  • Real Estate Syndication – The Good, Bad and the Ugly!
  • You CAN Be the Next Real Estate Millionaire!
  • Keep Your Profit in Your Pocket!

Patricia Daiker

Diabetes, Wellness, Healthcare

Keynote Titles:

  • Both Sides of the Needle: A personal account of the chasm between the healthcare system and the patient experience
  • The Cost of Presenteeism: Exploring the impact of diabetes in the workplace
  • Empowered Patient: The secret to improving health in America

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