Hey, Wholesaler Friend,

At our first Wholesaler’s Connect, we talked about protecting yourself as a wholesaler, so I had my lawyer create a Non-Circumvent Agreement for you.  I found out many wholesalers do not have a way to protect yourself from someone stealing deals from under you and thought this might be helpful.

It is my gift to you.


(Keep in mind, I am not a lawyer and you will still want to do your due diligence to run this by your lawyer to make sure it fits your purpose, style and brand, but I can assure you it was created by a lawyer and should fit your needs pretty much as is.)


Know your data, know your deal!

At our meetings, we talk about how data can affect how you buy and sell at any particular time of year.  Knowing the data helps you decide how quickly a deal can happen for you.

Here is a link to the NTREIS website.

Dallas Real Estate Data Link

Keep in mind, I don’t work for this group, I just found the information on this site helpful for quick data points and once you learn to read the data, it can help your business succeed.


Collaborative Real Estate Investing Concept

(We also have an Earn as you learn program)

We talked a little about our collaborative real estate investing group.  We offer special training that are exclusive to people associated with our group.  You don’t need to join anything to participate in many of these events, but you do need to know how our community operates.  We specialize in helping build real estate investors who can not only make money in real estate deals, but even between real estate deals with our earn as your learn program.

We have two short videos to watch so you can learn more.  First is Matthew’s 7 minute story, then you can learn the Five Pillars of Wealth, which is about 40 minutes.

If you would like to know more about how we work, click below to hear Matthew’s story.  Once you enter your info, Matthew or Lyle are the only ones who can see this info, you will see the Five Pillars of Wealth Training.

Both videos together are only about 45 minutes and you will have a much better grasp of what it is like to really do real estate investing as a business.  Plus, you’ll learn how to connect with a nationwide network of real estate investors and a proven system for real estate success.

Learn More about the Earn As You Learn

Real Estate Collaborative Group




A lot of people ask what kind of tools we use and how we get access to the MLS without being a real estate investor.  We have tried and evaluated many different systems like Propelio, REIPro, RealFlow, etc. but found all of them lacking in major ways.  Some focus on lists, some focus on marketing, and some upcharge for features others are including for the same price.

These were the features we were looking for:

  • Ability to find buyers, find private lenders, and find properties
  • Website builder: One click to create the website, then edit with your name, contact and logos.
  • Built in CRM and online forms
  • Tracking phone numbers and SMS capabilities
  • Skip tracing build in at an affordable price. . and working
  • Email autoresponder and automation
  • Comps and ARV data tools
  • Deal analyzing for property: fix and flip or buy and hold
  • Lead generation tools and daily lead dashboard
  • Workflow automation

Imagine, doing a search for vacant homes in your area with out of town owners.  Then, you click one button and skip trace the entire group.  Plus, when you trace, they kick out anyone on the do not call list AND anyone who is likely to start litigation. . . all done quickly and without you paying for those skips.

Then, you can send them ALL of those leads an SMS text message asking if they are interested in selling the house you found.  Literally, you can watch a video to see the developer of this program. . .a real estate investor…get several leads in less than 10 minutes with a few clicks. (Click here if you want to view the presentation.)

If you are interested, and you use our affiliate link, you will get $100 off the regular price of this AFFORDABLE REAL ESTATE SOFTWARE.  If you don’t want to watch the video presentation, you can click here to see more about the software.

Oh, they also have a complete training on Wholesaling and a 90 day action plan to follow.



Disclaimer: We are not lawyers or CPAs and any information shared in this document is an opinion and meant for informational purposes only. Please do your due diligence and check with your legal and financial professionals before making any decisions or relying on this information. While we do our best to verify all information that we share, we do not guarantee any accuracy, reliability or completeness of information. Real estate investing is an individual decision and the senders of this email are not responsible for the content of the email, so please confirm all information for yourself. 

Also, we may receive money for some of links on this page as affiliate links and referrals to specialized programs.  We will not and do not recommend any product or service just for monetary gain. If we do not use a product or service or have not found value in it and feel like it may help those in our real estate network, we will not recommend it.  

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