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Can 18, 19, and 20 year olds invest in real estate?

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Can 18-20 year olds get started in real estate investing?

Can I invest in real estate investing if I’m 18, 19 or 20 years old? I get asked this a lot.

The short answer is. . . .Absolutely, YES!

But, let me share some quick tips.

If you’re 18 to 20 or maybe 20 to 25 and you’re wondering, can I get started in real estate investing? You don’t have to wait till you are 40 or 50 or 60 years old. Let me tell you something a mentor of mine told me:

“Money doesn’t care how old you are. “

Think about that. Money doesn’t know how old you are. If you understand the deals, you understand how to run them.

Matthew’s Story, starting at age 19

Here’s a quick story, Matthew. He’s one of our younger partners who works with us. He not only makes money on real estate, but he also makes money between deals by helping others get started in real estate…more on that later. Matthew was 19 years old when he started working with me in my marketing business. He showed he had integrity and was willing to put in the work. I introduced him to real estate investing and he had a passion to help people and he wanted to make money. He and I worked together on a property. He helped me find the deal and went with me to evaluate the property on a walk through inspection. Long story short, he became part owner of a four-plex because he was willing to put in the time and effort even though he had zero money in it. He put in a little bit of Sweat Equity and he helped me find the deal. That’s how you get involved. You find a good group of people that can help you get started.

About Real Estate Gurus

So many of these gurus just want to take your money and get you in their system to make money from you, not for you! Oh, don’t get me started! I’m going to tell you a story, Matthew and I went to most guru meetings. And in this guru meeting, they told Matthew, you know, you’re 20 years old, go out and apply for all these credit cards. Number one. Don’t do that. That kills your credit. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you have to understand a better system. Contact us and we’ll put you in touch with someone who will find you the right way to do it. And you apply for the right credit cards to get the right deals. Okay, so that’s number one, but I don’t apply for all these credit cards. They put a lot of pressure on them and you pay forty five thousand dollars for their little course that you have one year. Think about that. That’s like a college where you get classes for one year and you’re gone. But what if you have lifetime access, that’s what you need.

Real Estate Investing Is Best in a Community

You need a community of people who will surround you, not some guru and 1-800 number. Here’s the truth about a 1-800 number, when you get these little guru things, these mentors and everything, the guru’s they have the 1-800 number. You’re calling this number and some guys on the other end of it in his underwear, in his boxers. He’s sitting there going. What’s the question again? He’s looking through his little manual, and he’s answering the question based on this manual. You’re not talking to an actual coach or talking to somebody in a manual, and we’re talking to the coaches, be specific, ask them. How many deals are you currently in? Look them up. Search them online. Find out how many deals they are actually doing, and  then you’ll know you are with the right people. So here’s the key, ready for it, and I’ll tell you those stories, but I want to make sure we’re all together and everything. Here’s the key. You want to find a community of people, not just some guru that flies into and out of town. You want the community in your local area and make sure, you have to be careful about those local REIAs because they’ll rip you off too.

What about local REIA, real estate investing associations and Youtube videos?

There’s one of these we went to in our market. Matthew was 20 years old and went to a little guru thing and this was the local REIA. They wanted fifty thousand dollars and they were going to take half of the money of all his deals the first year. Why would you do that? Because there is ‘mentoring’. Be careful who you listen to. You’re watching YouTube videos, right? That’s great. I love that you’re watching my videos because I’m a business coach who tells it to you straight.  I believe in being up front and real with my audience. It’s a little bit different than a real estate coach or a real estate mentor who puts out Youtube videos trying to get you to do what they did. That may not always work!  If you only have one solution, you are going to leave a lot of deals on the table.  Wouldn’t you rather be a more rounded real estate investor? There’s lots of different strategies in real estate, there’s wholesaling, there’s flipping, there’s rentals, there’s apartments, there’s commercial, there’s mobile homes, there’s Airbnb’s and blah, blah, blah there are a lot of strategies that you can mix in when working on deals. But if you don’t understand all the different options, you just get stuck with that one way that that one mentor’s trying to get you. So, if you’re thinking about buying a forty dollar course or a hundred dollar course and some guy tells me you’re gonna make a million dollars with it, run for the hills! Be careful you’re not just getting one strategy that may have worked one time.  If you have ten strategies and you understand all ten of them, then you’re going to have more opportunities to make that money. And that’s the key with being in your 20s.

Where do I go to get started in real estate investing if I am 18, 19 or in my 20s?

You have time, you have effort, you have energy and I suggest put it into finding a solid community so you can start building your network. I would love to help you explore getting started in real estate investing. If you are serious, you can   go to, you can click there and you can schedule an appointment with me directly and we can have a quick 30-minute conversation and we’ll see if you’d like to work together. Let’s see if we can get something going. If we can, that’s great. If we can’t, that’s fine, too. I just want to guide you in the right direction. My whole purpose, and all of these steps is to help you make the right decision. It doesn’t cost anything to meet with me and you have nothing to lose. My whole point, as a business coach is to help. You get into the business of real estate investing. Not just do some fly-by-night deals. I see so many people in their 20s, they get excited to get ramped up. Gary Vee or Grant Cardone, hype them up and get them excited. They go out and they try to do deals and they lose their shirt because they didn’t do that one thing right that the big wigs forgot to mention. Sometimes it’s just that somebody rips the deal out from underneath them or they don’t make any money. I won’t even tell you all those stories, had a bunch of those, but I don’t want to scare you. There are opportunities in real estate investing. It doesn’t care if you’re 18 or 20 or 25, or 35, or 45, they don’t care. If you understand the numbers, you understand how to work them, and then understand you have multiple exits.

Every deal is a good deal.

Think about that every day. A deal is a good deal if you know what you’re doing. Every deal can be a deal with the right negotiations and the right know how. And if it is not, that’s fine, there are many more where that one came from. I’d love to talk to you and we can have a conversation. If you really want to get started in real estate investing as a business, and you’re serious about it I want to meet with you. You can   go to And if you are not quite ready for that yet, you can download our 22 terms that you need to know to get started in real estate investing at  PS: make sure you subscribe to Lyle’s channel where he shares real estate tips and real estate investing advice.  You’ll be the first to know Lyle Leads YouTube Channel by clicking here.

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