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Here are some of the best FREE Business tools we have come across.

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Note: Links on this page are products we have personally used.  If the link does not work or the offering has ended please let us know on our contact form here.  Thanks.

Free Business Productivity Tools

Free Business Marketing Tools

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Why do businesses offer business tools for free?

Great question! It depends on the business model they are using and their monetization strategies.  Here are a couple of top reasons companies may offer free business tools.

  1. Some businesses use the ‘freemium’ model.  They give you access to a basic version of what they offer hoping you will like it so much you will pay for an upgrade with additional features. Evernote, mentioned above is a great example.  They offer a free version that has space limitations.  If you use their product often, you may want more space and will willingly pay for additional features.
  2. Some businesses pay for their free offerings by selling ad space on their website.  Their ad revenue brings in enough money to support what they are offering.  For a great example, look at the weather channel at  You’l see ads along the side, below the maps and even in the articles.
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