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Do I need a website for real estate investing?

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Do I need a website for real estate investing?

Today we’re going talk about websites for Real Estate Investors.

Now, think about this for a second. If I give you a hundred thousand dollars to do a deal, don’t you want to know you’re a real person. How many scams are going out that are taking away people’s money. Lots and lots.

Somebody says, oh, you don’t need a website. Just put up a LinkedIn profile and put up your Facebook and everybody will trust you.

No, they won’t know you may build relationships. You may have some great relationships with people that may help you get through the next step but having a website sets up your credibility, it sets up your authority and it sets up your reality.

Think about those credibility, you’re going to put case studies. You’re going to put testimonials people are going to see, you actually know what you’re talking about your authority, your bio on your website is going to talk about specifically how your skill set works with real estate investing and how you help investors, or how you help people with their houses.

And then you’re going to set up your authenticity as the last part, authenticity, says, you’re a real person. You’re not somebody scamming somebody in a different country. You’re a real person. Got a real life and you got things going on now.

Think about your website. Your website is going to have a purpose. What is the purpose of your website?

Is it to get investors to give you money for houses?
Is it for people to sell you houses?

There’s different kinds of websites.So for instance, of the website system called carrot, their focus is on buying and selling houses from the websites.

Not setting up your Authority. It’s whole purpose is to get someone to sell you their house. We Buy Ugly Houses. That’s their whole purpose is, sell me your house. That’s the whole purpose of it. But your website needs to be multifunctional to get started.

Number one. The key is Authority. Make sure your bios are well done. Make sure it communicates the same thing. It’s on your LinkedIn. Your Facebook profile.

Make sure you have one complete picture that sets up your brand, who you’re working with, what areas you’re focused on and what you’re doing. You will say, if you just say, I do real estate, investing will help me. That isn’t going to cut it, be very specific about what you’re doing.

I’m a real estate investor in Dallas, Texas that focuses on multifamily properties.
I understand what you’re doing.
I understand how I can communicate with you.
I understand if you will work with you or not, because that’s a different type of person than somebody who does Real Estate or somebody who does just real estate investing.

See you got to set yourself up as a bigger picture and then in my bio, I’m going to talk about my skill set. Hey, I’ve done five hundred deals. I’ve done two deals.

If you don’t have two deals, don’t say, you’ve done two deals. Say the most recent deal I’ve done is, I’ve helped this person, it did this. I helped that person do that, but don’t be so specific that you’re giving away numbers and fees don’t analyze it.

Pulling, all this stuff in there, got to be careful about that. You have to validate anything you put on the website.

Okay, so websites, what about Wix and Squarespace in these $29 a month websites.

They’re okay, but you’re using a preformatted platform.
Okay, that means it’s not very customizable.

Do you want a custom website? I suggest using somebody. If you’re in the United States, use someone in the United States. If you’re in Canada, you somebody in can of your new, UK somebody in the UK, you somebody that’s in your country to design your website because they understand the nuances and your website.

They’re in and make sure this is the key. Ask them. If they’ve ever done a website for a real estate investor. Ask them how they can help a real estate investor. Ask them what they’re going to put on your website.

Make sure your quantifying who that person is.
Now I do websites.

You need. Holler at me, but that’s not the purpose of this website of this YouTube video, the YouTube videos are to help you understand.

You need a website, start with your social media, Facebook, LinkedIn, make sure you’ve got a solid brand and a profile picture as well as profile banners, that are consistent across both categories.
Then set up your website, based on those categories, those specific topics and then communicate clearly and respectfully, in a single direction.

Do you want people to give you money?
Do you want people to give you houses?
Do you want a little of both if so put them in different places?

See, for instance. One of our websites is IHPRE I help people real estate.
The whole point of that is to help people in tough real estate situations, whereas divorce, foreclosure, whatever it is.

So when someone comes to us, we already know we’re here to help them.
So we’ve been taught by their house, but we may help them in this situation.

For instance, I talked to somebody recently. They were in foreclosure.
They were pre foreclosure and in bankruptcy and they were going to sell their house because of some back payments and everything. So it is a tough situation.

We went in there and we weren’t able to help them but were able to help them, take the steps and by the time we got back that afternoon, he had already called us and said, hey, based on what you told me here’s some steps that are taken.

And look here. I’ve already got some steps in the right direction. That’s how you help people with real estate.

Investing isn’t about cash grabs. If you’re going out for cash, grabs, you’re missing the whole point. Real estate investing is about helping people the more people you help.

The more value you bring the better, it’s going to be and how do you communicate that on our website that sets up your Authority and your credibility, put testimonies, put case studies, put information in there to make sure you have a solid group of people, who understand you.

They don’t need to know what high school you went to, but then he’d understand how you do deals and how you run bills, help them to understand the value you’re bringing and then your website will work for you.

Bring you deals and bring you customers.
Bring you people who will invest with you.

It’ll help you take the next step because you’re setting yourself up as a real person and real Authority. Not some scamster that’s working on the side.

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