Welcome to Dallas!

Thank you for sending your guests to our Dallas Renatus Meetings

Below you will find information about our meetings.  We have also created a page you can send your guests to set proper expectations and give them directions on how to get to our meeting.


Our meetings are on Thursdays at 6:45pm.  We usually have an EPIC or the Wealth Cycle Intro that lasts about 1.5 hours, and will follow up with real estate market report or ‘mastermind’ a deal we found.  The fourth Thursday of each month will be a special sessions, like an IOS overview, PROFITS Intro or Velocity Banking.  When a month has a 5th Thursday, we will coordinate a Cashflow Game Night.  Please refer to Renatus Back Office Calendar for specific details.


Our building has two towers.  Each tower locks after hours for security.  Our team is available at the doors ‘between the buildings’ to let in guests and get them registered.  Most of our meeting are in the West Tower, so guest should take an immediate right to park along side of the building and enter between the buildings.  In the West building, they will enter the east doors of that building.  That is where the foyer is, our team will be located and the elevators are accessible.

Note: If a guest calls saying the doors are locked, please confirm with them they are at the doors in the middle of the buildings and that they have parked on the side of the building facing the street named Alpha. (see pics and information below)  

IMPORTANT: If your guest arrive more than 15 minutes late, they have missed much of the meeting and you may suggest your guest to try again another week.  We start on time to value the time and efforts of those who have joined us.  We set a solid foundation at the beginning of each meeting and have found that those who miss the first of the meeting are much less likely to join Renatus!


You can see more information below, but we tell our guests that we are located near the Galleria in Dallas.  We are almost a mile due East from the Galleria on Alpha, near Preston Road.  Many residents will have a point of reference from that description.

1. Most of our meetings are in our WEST building conference room.  You may send this link to your guests: https://dfwtop.com/west-office/

2.  When we have special trainings, like an Intensive, we will sometimes use a larger training center in our EAST building.  We will note this on the Renatus Back Office Calendar, but if that is the case, please send your guest to this link https://dfwtop.com/east-office

3. Any property tours or off site locations will be handled through information texted directly to guests to avoid any confusion.  Instructions will be given, but guest will need to text their interest so we can text them the location of those meetings.


If you need to reach our team, please text 214-586-0893. 

Please do not text Lyle directly after the meeting has started since he is often presenting.

BELOW is the information we send to our guests and you’ll find in the links above.  We thought it would be helpful for you to have these as a reference.

Directions and information about attending our upcoming meetings

We are excited about your desire to attend one of our in-person Dallas meetings.  Since so many of our guests are referred by our team from across the United States, we want to make sure you know exactly where to go.  If you have any trouble finding us, please text 214-586-0893‬ to be in touch with one of our local team.

Please note: Our team is only available until 15 minutes after the meeting starts. If the meeting starts at 6:45pm, our team will only be available to let you in until 7pm.  This helps protect the integrity of our meetings as well as the safety/security of our team and facilities.


Travel West on Alpha from Preston.  You will turn right at the first light, then immediately right to the parking along Alpha.

We meet on the 7th Floor in the WEST Building of Carillon Towers at at 13601 Preston Rd, Dallas, Tx 75240. We’ll be meeting in our conference/training room.

When you arrive at the building, enter the elevators and go to the seventh floor.  Right out of the elevator enter the glass doors and we will be in the meeting room to the left.


Parking is free.

It’s best to park along the road to Alpha (see pictures below), you’ll have direct access to the building.  Please arrive before 6:45pm as our doors are locked after hours for security purposes and our team is here to allow access  to verified registrants only during registration time.

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