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If you want a better sleep, you need the skills to help you get on the right track.  Just like in business, you develop skills to help you succeed.

Last night, my brain was going off in twelve directions.   I thought I wore my brain out with all the work I had done.  I even did some deep stretching to trigger my mind into sleep, but one project after another flooded my brain and I was turning over to see another 2am roll across the alarm clock on my night stand.

I have a business partner who is also struggling with sleep.  He probably, more so than, I since his whole life in in flux right now with all the changes we are seeing in our world and all the changes he is having in his personal world.

He asked what he should do and I shared with him my tried and true routines.  No, I don’t use all of them all the time, but each person has to find their own rhythm to make sleep work for them so they can better work for their dreams.  (See what I did there!?)


The true key to getting up early is to have a purpose. 

When you are excited about being in business, you will awake up ready to take on the day.  It takes practice for some of us, but remember . . . .

A Good Morning Routine starts with and evening ROUTINE!

With Corona Virus changing the way people in business are doing things, I have a few suggestions to wipe away the worries of tomorrow and get yourself a better night’s sleep.


When you get home (at a specific time each night) have a debriefing with someone you love.  Ask her how her day went and just listen.

It is important to look her in the eyes. You are not there to talk.  If she asks how your day went, she doesn’t need all the drama, details or stories.  Pick one event and share it with her . . .like the pizza guy from yesterday. . .that way she feels connected and you don’t bombard her with everything.  Don’t share stresses, or things that made you mad.



After spending time together and unwinding from your day.  Each of you share at least 5 things you are thankful for from that day.  It has to be different each day.  It will be weird at first, but you’ll begin to grow closer with this practice.

You can even create a gratitude journal and write both of your ideas on it so you can look back anytime you are frustrated or worried. . . note, this is not a tool to check if someone already shared a specific gratitude from a previous conversation.


Step away from the devices.  Take a moment to write down everything in your head for a brain dump.  You can use paper or a white board.  Use this time to brush your teeth, change into jammies and all your evening duties.  Any lingering thoughts will happen as you do these things and you can finish your brain dump before you go to bed.


It is important to have a comfortable dark space to trigger your brain that it is time to sleep.  Close your eyes and visualize anything that comes into your head leaving your life.  I picture each thought as a paper, I crumple it and throw it into a mental basketball hoop over a trash can where it disappears forever.

Next, you just picture yourself drifting off to sleep as you talk to God and release any worries or stresses through quiet prayer in a dark room with no electronics.  Tell yourself, repeat the phrase, “I will get up at 6am (or whatever time).” as you drift off to sleep.  Just like counting sheep, repetition relaxes your brain.


Take a deep breath and let it all out fully and slowly.  After that, breath in for four seconds, hold it for two seconds and breath out for six seconds.  If you repeat this, you will fall asleep.

One thing I also do, is relax my face.  If your face is tight, your brain does not think it is time to sleep.  Just think and relax your whole face.  Start with the brows, then the cheeks, then the mouth.


NOTE: Leave your watch, phone, ipad, computer or TV in another room.  Make the bedroom your place for sleep and intimate moments with someone you are close to.    Only keep your phone with you if it is your alarm, but I suggest buying an old school LED type alarm clock and have it burst out your favorite music upon waking.

I hope these help give you some peace at night.  When you allow yourself to sleep well, you dream well and when you dream well, you can follow your dreams well!

Remember you are a winner!

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