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Launching Your Business with Fido in Tow

The idea of starting a business is appealing to many people, and it’s an extra-attractive option when you have a flexible schedule and the ability to work from home – especially if you have furry friends in your life. Pets make wonderful loving companions, and they’re happiest when they get to spend time with you. If you’re starting your company and welcoming a pet at the same time, plan accordingly so both can have the attention they need to flourish. If you’re looking for guidance to get things going, DFW Top can be an exceptional resource for helping pave the way to a successful small business launch.

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Get Your Business Up and Running

Advanced, thoughtful planning can help ensure your company gets started on the best possible footing. Develop a business and marketing plan, identify your target demographic, estimate start-up and operating costs, secure office space and inventory (if appropriate), and retain staff as needed. If you’re a small or home-based operation, consider the myriad benefits that come with hiring freelancers. Not only can you secure people with the specific skill sets you need, but you can also hire them on an as-needed basis, which can be incredibly helpful when you’re in a start-up phase. Simply post your needs and get proposals and estimates from qualified, reliable, and highly skilled professionals. Handing off tasks like graphic design or app development, or even hiring a virtual personal assistant, can all free up your time, which you can devote toward business-building, and acclimating your new pet.

Make Your Pet Feel at Home

Animals do well when they feel they have their own familiar space and “things.” Outfit your new companion with all of the gear they need, like a specialized enclosure, appropriate foods, toys, and safety features, like a collar, name tag, and leash or harness. If you have special bedding, consider having duplicates for home, office, and vehicle, so even when you’re on the go, there’s a familiar feel to everything. If you have an especially young animal, like a puppy or kitten, you might even consider leaving a t-shirt or other garment that smells like you with them when you have to be away. A snuggly toy with a “heartbeat” feature can also help reduce loneliness. Busy toys like Kongs and safe chewy snacks will keep dogs, in particular, calm and entertained when you’re otherwise occupied with business functions. 

Establish Regular Routines

Time management is an important skill to have as a small business owner, and establishing routines will be helpful for you, your business, and your pet. Schedule exercise and meal times for you and your companion and get into a regular sleep schedule. This approach can help ensure your pet knows what to expect from you, and creates a healthier work-life balance. Set up space for your fur buddy in your office, whether that’s at home or in an outside location. According to the American Kennel Club, some animals can have separation anxiety, especially when they’re first getting acclimated, so ensuring their comfort will help foster a good settling-in.

Find Qualified Help

Just as you’re wise to delegate tasks to freelance staff, you’ll also want to ensure you have reliable help for your pet if there’s solo business you need to attend to. You might consider a pet daycare service, hiring a walker, or utilizing technology to stay connected. For example, suggests using video monitoring of your pet when you’re separated, or accessing an animal care app that’s similar to food delivery or rideshare services – you simply use an app to secure providers for animal welfare/play/bathroom breaks on an as-needed basis. Using this approach can help you be available to attend to your business as necessary, while also ensuring your animal companion is cared for.

Starting a business and inviting a new pet into your life are two big undertakings, but when done well, can be incredibly rewarding. Whether you’re at the pre-launch phase or you’re ready to expand, DWF Top can help you chart the most successful path forward for your entrepreneurial endeavor. For more info, reach out via email.

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About the author: Cindy Aldridge is the creator of Our Dog Friends, a website advocating for the love and ownership of dogs. She believes that dogs truly are our best friends and wants to see less dogs in shelters and more in loving homes.

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