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How to market as a real estate investor

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How to market as a real estate investor

Today, we’re talking about marketing tips for newbie Real Estate Investors.
Newbie Real Estate.

Investors means you have less than a year’s worth of experience or you have less than three deals under your belt. You’re still a noob.

So let’s talk about first off. What?

People tell you, you go to these courses, you go to these, you buy these guru courses as I call them because they do their little thing and they’re going to tell you, just go online and go to all these groups and put it in there.

I’m building my cash buyers list. Please give me your email address, right? That’s what they tell you to do.

But I want to tell you that’s not the right thing to do. It’s a matter of fact, when you do that, you’re going to get a lot of spam messages, a lot of scamming things because people are going to give you the email addresses that are trying to get your information from that.

You’re going to get a lot of spam messages, people who are trying to get your information rather than give you information. Think about it.

If I’m going to give somebody five hundred thousand dollars. Am I going to be on some random Facebook group, hoping somebody will put their thing up there so I can give you my email address.

Probably not, people don’t like to be on the list. I’ll tell you as a real estate investor. I do not like to be on those lists. I don’t like to be able to do this because all I get is Spam, spam spam.

These people are sending me deals that are horrible deals. I want to get to know a person and build a relationship.

So, a better tactic on social media, than just posting building cash buyers.

Number one, get a contract, get something under contract, then put it out there.

Hey, I’m in Dallas.
I have a three-bedroom two-bath.
Is anybody buying in this specific area of the Town, put in the ZIP code.
The specific area.
Do a video, get on there.

Put your video up but get in front of the house even better and talk about it. Don’t show the address because people can see where it is and they might try to scalp you and get the deal out from underneath.
You have to be careful about people, lots of sketchy people in the real estate investing world.

Do a video in front of a house or maybe behind the house and say, hey, I’ve got this house under contract.

Here’s what’s coming up.
I’d love to talk to you more about it.
Direct message me or give them your phone number.
Let them contact you.

Now, on that note.
Make sure you’re using a phone number. That’s not your direct cell phone number, but it goes to your cell phone number. Don’t do Google Voice because Google Voice can be marked as spam as well.

So find a good solid phone number contact, your cell phone company, use an old cell phone, and get a new phone.

Sometimes. I’ll add a number for free. I know we’re with T-Mobile. My wife and I have a phone but they’ll give us a third line for free.

Just being part of the purpose, they try to get you to buy more phones and all that kind of stuff.
So get on it, Phone number other than yours and give me your phone number make it seem like you’re approachable.

Make it seem like your professional talk is specific and clearly on those videos.
You make sure you’re getting information out.
Make sure of your social profiles.
All of them are consistent.
Make sure it’s specific.
Make sure it sets you up as a real estate investor.
Don’t just say my name as a real estate investor.
Call me! Be specific.
I live in Dallas, I work in California.
I work in New York.
I work in this specific area.
I buy houses between this amount and be specific about what you do.
I do multi families of 7 units in the Fort Worth area, to be very specific.

The more specific your profiles are and what I mean by that is your about section the Bio Section. You want to make that clear; the little Banner image on the top makes that very clear and your profile image should be you in a professional photo.

Do a good headshot. Make it a professional image. You want to be seen as a professional.
So the key to marketing as a newbie, real estate investor is to see yourself as professional.
Get a good headshot.

Make sure your banner image is really good. You can go to and you can create your banner image up there really nice and neat. As a matter of fact, you want to join our group.

I’ve got a group teaching people how to use Canva for marketing, you go to Go to that group and they’ll be, they’ll teach you some neat little tricks you can use to start setting up your banner image.

Make sure those are all in place and then your next step would be to do a website and have a whole other video about whether you need a website as a real estate investor.

Personally, I think you do some giving away the punch line, but you want to find out why on that video. So anyway, make sure you’re posting stuff that’s showing You as a professional somebody, that’s just throwing things out there.

Be very specific about what you buy, how you buy it. And if you’re trying to get people to invest in your deals or you’re trying to get people to do money or JV with you, with that kind of thing.
Make sure you have a specific path that they’re going to go through. If you just say, call me, if you want to invest with me. That’s not going to cut it.

Here’s my form. So I can look at your criteria as a real estate investor so I can best match properties to you. See how that sounds so much more professional. You can probably stop this video. Go back rewriting that type that up and use that in your videos because that’s going to help you very very much.

Set up professional profiles.
Make sure your branding is there, make sure you hit it.
Head shots look really good on your profile images.
Make sure it’s specific to your target audience. I don’t want to see a banner image where I buy houses.

Give me your money and buy houses from me. Don’t do that, be one specific area at a time.
In fact, a good thing about Facebook. You set up multiple Pages.

You have one profile, set yourself up as a professional, but you can set up a page where I buy houses on one page.

I sell houses on another page to different areas for two different categories of people.
That’ll help you out a little bit.

So hopefully those are some tips that you will get. You started to do videos out there.

So people see your real person not a scammer and don’t just do blanket posts on social media.
You can say I’m getting started in real estate investing.

If you know anybody selling a house again, specifically, you know it by selling the house in the east Dallas area.

Make sure you’re specific with that because the more specific you are, the more people can help you. Because think about it, if I say, hey, I buy houses. Well, where do you buy houses?

I can’t think of anybody. There’s all these people. They say, I buy houses on this specific block and the specific Like, do I know anybody who lives in that Arrow so-and-so lives near that area?

Now I can think of someone because it’s specific to that area and gets kind of rambled on in there.

But I want to make sure you understand set up, professional images, be specific about what you want and how you’re running a business and run your business like a business.

You run your real estate investing like a business. You can get so much more value, so much more input, so you can go watch a video.

I’ve got a video that will be up on the little tag things.
I’ve got a video about how to run your business, your real estate investing as a business.

If I can be of any help.
Click on that page.
Click and schedule with me.
I’d love to have a conversation with you.

Just see if I can get you started with help down the right path. If you need help specifically with marketing, let’s have a conversation powwow.
I’ll give you some ideas.
You can run with them or you can harm me if you want to.
That’s not what this video is about.
The videos.
Help get you on the path because ultimately, you’re doing DIY or that’s why you’re on YouTube, right?

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