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Optimize Profitability Podcast Introduction

Join Lyle Leads and Matthew Zamutt as we introduce our new podcast, Optimize Profitability! Learn tips and tricks every week for your business right here.

Lyle: Hello and welcome to the O.P. Podcast today. This is your welcome session for the OP podcast. OP stands for Optimize Profitability. You’re here because you’re an entrepreneur. Or you’re in business for yourself. And you want to take the next step and optimize your business, optimize your life and Optimize Profitability. Those are three steps. Matthew’s on board. Matthew introduce yourself.


Matthew: Hey, I’m Matthew Zamutt and I am the executive producer of this podcast.


Lyle: Executive producer means he executes things. He puts them into practice. So we do all the recordings. He does the behind the scenes and Diddley blips. How’s that for Diddley blips?


Matthew: Perfect. I love it. 


Lyle: So, Matthew, a lot of people are going to ask, why do we call it the Optimize Profitability podcast? Let’s get that right out there, man.


Matthew: Well, we’re focused on giving entrepreneurs a way to grow. And so that’s why we want to optimize in a way that increases your profitability. That’s pretty much exactly what we mean.


Lyle: So that’s how I feel. But the reason we got Optimize Profitability because we’re hosted by DFW Top, that’s our main company. That’s our LLC. That’s a real life company. And DFW top stands for Designed For Winners to Optimize Profitability. So that last little bit Optimize Profitability really stood out to people. So we really want to capitalize on it. So what’s our goal on Optimize Profitability? Let me make it really simple.


Lyle: We want to look at the Entrepreneur Journey. We got to try and keep these right about 20 minutes. So it’s a nice podcast. You can listen on your drive going to and from work. It’s real simple and easy. And all those hour long ones I check out on personally. That’s just me. So we try to keep a simple one that’s 20 minutes. We’ll talk about the struggles that it takes for people to get into entrepreneurship. What are some of those things that you’ve overcome to really get to success?


Lyle: And then what are the wins? What are the wins that’s happening right now in their lives, something they’re doing in their life right now and their entrepreneurship that’s giving them that optimized life and that Optimize Profitability? That’s our key. Now on top of that, we’re going to do something a bit different. We’re going to offer second and even sometimes third sessions on our website. These are gonna be bonus materials. So not every podcast speaker is going to have something that offers to you.


Lyle: But if it does offer something for you, like sometimes we have somebody that’s a real estate investor. We have a lot of wealthy investors that listen in on us. Well, that’s great. Some of our offerings are going to be for real estate investors. So if you’re a real estate investor, I want you to go to that podcast page and watch those additional videos because there are some extra steps. One video I came to tell you, I don’t tell you too much, but we have one guy.


Lyle: He shows you an entire layout of how you can structure your finances to build a huge empire in real estate, leveraging multiple structures of business. I’m trying to keep this without saying too much stuff, but then even goes into the concept that if you’re getting started, we even have a third session on that training where we go through what it means to build a basic business plan.


Lyle: I’m talking about a business plan. It’s action step piece by piece. Here are three things you do. Let’s go do them. That kind of thing. An action based business plan. That’s one of our podcasts. We have people coming on talking about their health and what has happened in their health and how they’ve structured that to make their lives better. We’re going to help people that are financial people and all this stuff.


Lyle: So a lot of a lot of things behind the scenes, a lot of good stuff coming up. So, Matthew, do you listen to podcasts?


Matthew: I love podcasts personally. I listen to different kinds of them. 


Lyle: And why do you listen to podcasts?


Matthew: I really enjoy podcasts because I, I mean, I love music, but I want to grow my brain. And so I want to listen to people’s stories and kind of like work my life with them, grow with them. I think that’s something that I love and enjoy. Where it’s authentic and real


Lyle: That’s our goal when we have an entrepreneur on here. It’s not for them to give us their sales pitch about the next product, the next thing they’re selling, but instead their life. What’s going on in their life right now? The reality. And as an entrepreneur, we have to realize we’re not in the game alone. Used to be old school dog eat dog world, raw competing with each other, all fighting gets to each other.


Lyle: You know what? That’s the wrong mentality. We focus on the abundance mentality. There is enough business. There’s enough money for all of us to win. We can even collaborate and help each other win even bigger. It’s a synergistic effect. How’s that for a big word? Synergetic. I’ll be honest, I don’t listen to a lot of podcasts, but I do listen. I try to listen. Something that is very succinct and very direct. I like a story brand with Donald Miller, a good one that I like to listen to.


Lyle: It’s marketing. It goes to very precise steps of things that I like to step by step guide type stuff. That’s what I like. Matthew, what do you listen to? What kind of podcasts?


Matthew: Well, specifically inside of you with Michael Rosenbaum’s my favorite. It’s different. And then I also listen to Gary Vaynerchuk podcast content. A lot of people like those podcasts. Those are different style. I guess I’m a little in your face type. 


Lyle: Ours is going to be like that. Let’s talk about who this podcast is for. If you’re just getting started in a business, this is a great way for you to connect with other people and see how their life has transpired. It might give you that one little word, the inside of that one little bit of wisdom that’ll take your business from just barely surviving to really thriving.


Lyle: It’s also for those people who’ve been around for a while and they kind of get jaded. Let’s just be honest. In business, it’s easy to get jaded. It’s easy to be with all the stuff going in our world. This is 2020. Anybody who knows anything about history, everything that was going on in their twenties. And it’s real easy to get folks on all the negative that’s thrown out there. We want to focus on the positive side of things.


Lyle: Yes, we struggle, but what are we doing? Because I struggle. What is that? That struggle that brings a winning atmosphere for everybody. What is that one thing that it takes to bring that one person to that one step for success? I mean, think about it. You may not want to miss it or listen to a podcast every week. But that one person may say that one thing that you need to hear. And you never know where you are going to find it.


Lyle: Ours are unscripted, it’s direct from the person we talk about. We want to know their wins, their losses, and what are they doing right now? We want you to leave this podcast with one tip that you could put into practice this week in your business. That’s crucial to us. I don’t want to miss the podcast. I feel good. And that’s it. I want to listen to a podcast, feel good, and do something about it.


Lyle: Grow your business, grow your life, optimize your business, optimize your life and Optimize Profitability, because ultimately, if your life is not optimized, it’s hard for your business to be optimized. It’s hard for your profitability to be optimized. They all go together and you may say, well, I disagree. You can disagree with me.


Lyle: Until you came with that, you’re going to be wrong. But in reality, how many people have wealth that are built, built their business and optimize our business? But then went home to an empty household or went home to a broken family? Just breaks my heart. And that’s what I don’t want you to do. So some of these podcasts, we’re going to have a married couple on here and the couples can talk about their struggles as couples, how they work.


Lyle: I might even try to talk my wife into getting on here. She’s not an entrepreneur, but I want to find people who are entrepreneurial because they’re different worlds that we live in. And when you’re married to a non entrepreneur. You’ll have different ways of thinking. You’ve got to adjust those things. So it’s very important. Now, let’s get back to podcasts. Why do people go to podcasts? Matthew? Why would somebody want to be a guest on a podcast?


Lyle: How does that help them in their marketing? How does it help them structure their business? How does it help them? Somebody wants to be a guest on our podcast?


Matthew: Well, the reason is it comes down to marketing. So a podcast is kind of like the awareness stage. You’re really not here to sell. You just try to share your brand or get your name out there.


Lyle: What’s that mean by the awareness stage? Somebody might not know what that means.


Matthew: It’s a marketing funnel. So you start at an awareness stage. It’s kind of like what you consider the top of the funnel and then you draw them into the funnel, which brings them towards something that they would want to purchase, something that you’re giving away to get value and at the bottom you hit the referral stage. At that point, a customer is so convinced that they like your thing that they need and they buy more products, and they refer you to other customers.


Lyle: You hear the word funnel all over the place. But let’s make it really easy. We’re talking about your customer journey. Where’s your customer on the journey? They may never heard of you before. You’ve got to get out there and expose yourself. That’s the awareness phase, is to expose yourself. When you come on our podcast, we’re going to send it out 50 to 100, maybe a hundred eight different places, depending on the weight, depending on the podcast.


Lyle: We’re going to make sure that it’s spread at a huge net where people get to hear your story. So we’re going to give you that first step, that awareness phase. But beyond that, we’re going to ask them to come to our blog post for additional information. We’re going to show you to put up your own little blippy on there, your giveaway, whatever you call it. I like the word blippy today. On the one hand, you’re gonna be able to put that on the Web site.


Lyle: So when they come to the website, you’re going to bring them into your funnel. And if you don’t have a funnel, we’re going to talk about that before we have the session. And I want to help you with your funnel. Let’s just be honest, because you have to have something to give people, to hook them, to bring them into your business. The first step is understanding your customers. Who is it you’re focused on? And then how can you attract those customers?


Lyle: Your customers may or may not be on this podcast, but somebody listens and may hear something from you and say, hey, I know somebody that connects to this, I need to sit in this podcast. And so that’s that’s spreading around. I’m always amazed at all of the tools and people and resources that Matthew and I come in contact with people like this all the time. I really need this. Oh, really? Let me get our content. Let me talk to this person.


Lyle: Oh, you need this tool. Let me show you what I found. And that’s the power of the podcast like this. We’re gonna show you tools, tips and tricks that help you in your business. And I don’t want some hokey on that. These are real life stories. It’s not just a trick, but it’s something someone else has done in their life to help them get better. So, Matthew, what has been one thing you’ve learned from a podcast or a mentor that has changed the way you think about business?


Matthew: Well, personally, from one of the podcasts, I.. I’ve kind of….I doubted myself. I didn’t have a lot of belief in myself. Just growing up, I think growing up in a poor mentality family didn’t help. And so I had to grow out of that mindset. And so one of the things that I took away from the podcast was that you are the creative of your life. Just do it. And when you do it, you start building that belief.


Matthew: And then when you get that strong belief, you do amazing things. And like you’ve noticed, when we’re hanging out together, we’re doing something together. Great things happen. And that’s why I really enjoy spending time with you and being your business partner and being on this amazing podcast.


Lyle: Appreciate it. I appreciate that. Yeah. That self doubt is huge. And let me tell you a secret. If you’re not going to deal with self-doubt. It’s gonna happen. Always does. I think Sir Richard Branson says if somebody asks you to do it, just say yes, and figure out how to do it. That’s Richard Branson. That’s how much producers live.


Lyle: We’re always in a state of learning something new and expanding our lives, expanding something for someone else. That’s part of the journey as part of the fun. And when you don’t do that, you stagnate. You get stale. Like, it’s boring and you’re gonna check out of entrepreneurship. We don’t want that to happen. A little quick tip, a good part of my story. You know, I did grow up in an entrepreneur type of family, but they were all not successful.


Lyle: And I mean entrepreneurship, because let’s be honest, someone in the family sold drugs. That was entrepreneurship, the bad version of our friendship. My grandmother had that entrepreneur blood and she sold antiques on the weekends, you know. And then my grandfather would use that money to buy his beer. But that’s another story, you know. So I saw people accessing customers and getting money. But I never saw the business side of things. So for me, I had to learn the business side of things.


Lyle: What does it mean to create that customer journey? What does it mean to create a funnel? What does it mean to us to create an accounting system and accountability system? What does it mean to create financial productions? What’s it mean to do a project management, all those kind of big words? So as we go to these podcasts, I hope you listen in because we don’t cover all of those categories. But to find somebody who’s really good at project management.


Lyle: We can get them on here to talk about how they manage projects. So you’ll understand. We’re going to talk to somebody about time management. How do they manage your time, how do they maximize their time? We can bring people on that are really succeeding in their business and taking steps right now, today, no matter what the world throws out. They’re going to push through and find that step to success. That about covers it I think, what you think, Matthew?


Matthew: Yeah, I think that’s pretty much it. I mean, we’re here to grow you guys and also build a community here. So that’s what this podcast is all about.


Lyle: Thank you for saying that, Matthew. You want to go on Facebook and look up DFW Top business,  Designed For Winners To Optimize Profitability. You can also go to That’s going to put you directly into our blog post, but connect with us on Facebook. You can follow us on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, all those fun social channels and probably about 50 more about the time this podcast goes on. 


Lyle: There’s about 50 different places to post our podcast. So all of these podcasts can be spread out. We want everybody to be exposed to it. And some people say, why are you doing that? Why expose it to something like this? I’m doing it because I care. There might be something that you need to hear. And if I don’t take effort to put it out there, you may not hear that one thing you need in your life that takes you to this class.


Lyle: And I don’t want to take that responsibility. I want to put it out there. It’s your responsibility. Take it. It’s my responsibility. Deal it. I think that’s what Optimize Profitability is all about. Revealing truths, revealing success. That’s the key. So hopefully you join us on our journeys. I’ll have a schedule out pretty soon on our website. You’ll find the bonus information as well. Again, you go to or you can go to


Lyle: Either place will get you in the same location. So you know exactly where we are. You can find us on Facebook at DFW Top business and it’s going to be exciting. It’s an exciting journey, Matthew. Glad you’re with me on this. And Matthew, I’m proud of you to see this man. I’d like to see that you’re taking action. You’re no longer struggling with self-doubt, because you’re taking action.


Lyle: And action is pushing you past the doubt and into action. When I see that kind of thing, I will do podcasts every week, about half the OP. I’ve got to speak to myself. I’ll do it myself and both cameras. I don’t know.


Matthew: I’m here for it. 


Lyle: I’m here for it too buddy. I appreciate your time today. Hopefully Optimize Profitability podcasts would be 20 minutes. You’d be able to download them. Listen to back and forth to work. They’ll be video versions. It’ll be typewritten versions. Whatever you need, find it. If you have any questions, shoot them out to us. If you want a guest post with us, send us an email or message us on Facebook and we’ll get back with you.


Lyle: We’ll tell you about our process of how we’re finding guests. All right. I’m Lyle Leads and I’m Matthew, and we’ll talk to you later.

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